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Temporary Prohibition



Various Roads in Churt and Hindhead

Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order 2022

On 27 April 2022 Surrey County Council made the above mentioned

Temporary Order under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act

1984 the effect of which will be to prohibit vehicles from entering or

proceeding in that length of: a) A287 Farnham Road, Churt that extends

from its junction with D688 Pond Lane, to its junction with C29 Jumps

Road. Vehicular traffic will be diverted via: – Anti clockwise – A287

Churt Road, A287 Crossways, A287 Churt Road, A287 Tilford Road,

A333 Portsmouth Road,A3 Hindhead Tunnel Road,A3 Portsmouth Road,

A3 Milford by Pass – slips, B3001 Elstead Road, B3001 Milford Road,

B3001 Farnham Road, B3001 Waverley Lane, C122 Menin Way, C122

Great Austins,A287 Firgrove Hill,A287 Frensham Road,A287 Frensham

Road. Clockwise – A287 Frensham Road, A287 Frensham Road, A287

Firgrove Hill, C122 Great Austins, C122 Menin Way, B3001 Waverley

Lane, B3001 Farnham Road, B3001 Milford Road, B3001 Elstead Road,

A3 Milford by Pass – slips, A3 Portsmouth Road, A3 Hindhead Tunnel

Road, D5507 Hazel Grove, A333 Portsmouth Road, A287 Tilford Road,

A287 Churt Road, A287 Crossways and A287 Churt Road. b) C28 Tilford

Road, Churt that extends from its junction with D132 Hyde Lane, to the

south-eastern property boundary of “Howndown”. Vehicular traffic will

be diverted via C29 Jumps Road, A287 Churt Road and C28 Tilford

Road. c) A333 Hazel Grove, Hindhead that extends from a point 15.1m

south of its roundabout junction with Portsmouth Road South to its

roundabout junction with D5507 Hazel Grove. Vehicular traffic travelling

southbound on A3 wishing to exit to A333 Hindhead/Grayshott to

continue southbound on A3 to Liphook junction (B2131) then about turn

onto the northbound carriageway back to junction with A333. Traffic

travelling northbound on A3 wishing to access Amesbury School/Royal

Preparatory School – D5507 Hazel Grove to continue on A3 to Thursley

junction then about turn onto the southbound carriageway (anticipated

working hours 8pm to 6am). This Temporary Traffic Order is required to

enable Surrey County Council to carry out highway maintenance and/or

resurfacing, and/or improvement works. These works are anticipated to

be carried out as soon as possible within the 18 month period of

operation of this Temporary Traffic Order which commences on 04 May

2022. Advanced warning signs will be displayed and the temporary

closures will only operate when the relevant traffic signs are displayed.

Access will be maintained for emergency vehicles, pedestrians and,

dismounted cyclists and equestrians at all times. Access for residents

and businesses will be via the diversion routes described. In the event

that it is necessary to restrict any access at any time under Section 3 of

the Act, the road can only be closed for a maximum of 8 hours in any

24-hour period. Any vehicle found to be obstructing the highway during

these works will be removed to a suitable location outside the limits of

the works after all reasonable methods have been undertaken to

identify and contact the vehicle's owner.

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, Section 14(1)&(2)

Public Byway Open to All Traffic 503 (Thursley)

Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order 2022

On 21 April 2022, Surrey County Council made the above-mentioned

temporary order, the effect of which is to prohibit all traffic on foot or

by any other means from entering or proceeding along that length of

Public Byway Open to All Traffic 503 (Thursley) at Hindhead Common

from the junction with Public Bridleway 120 (Grid Ref: 490092,

135815), in a generally north-easterly direction to the junction with

Public Footpath 94.

The Order is necessary on the grounds of public safety due a seriously

eroded surface. The closure will be in operation from 4 May 2022

until 13 October 2022, or until completion of remedial works, if earlier.

That period can be extended by the Secretary of State for Transport if


The temporary closure will only be in operation when appropriate road

traffic signs are displayed on site by the County Council or an authorised

person acting on its behalf. Access to properties will not be affected.

There is no alternative route.

The Surrey County Council Public Byway Open to All Traffic 503

(Thursley) Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order 2022 was made by

the County Council under Section 14(1) of the Road Traffic Regulation

Act 1984.

Dated: 28 April 2022

Katie Stewart, Executive Director –

Environment, Transport and Infrastructure

Any enquiries relating to this notice should

be directed to: Countryside Access Team,

Surrey County Council, Whitebeam Lodge,

Merrow Depot, Merrow Lane, Guildford,

GU4 7BQ.Tel: 03456 009009 or

email: [email protected]

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