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NOTICE OF A DECISION ON AN APPLICATION FOR AN ORDER GRANTING DEVELOPMENT CONSENT FOR EIA DEVELOPMENT The Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (“the Secretary of State”) gives notice under regulation 31(2) of the Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017 that a determination has been made on an application made by Esso Petroleum Company Limited (“the Applicant”) for development consent under the Planning Act 2008 (“the 2008 Act”) for Environmental Impact Assessment development.

The Southampton to London Pipeline Project is a 97km long, 300mm diameter, steel replacement underground pipeline to transport aviation fuel from the Fawley oil refinery in Hampshire to the Applicant’s existing West London Storage Terminal at Hounslow (in West London) together with above ground infrastructure for use in its construction and facilities for use during its operation (together “the Development”).

The Secretary of State has determined, following consideration

of the report of the Examining Authority which conducted an examination into the Application, that development consent should be granted and has decided, therefore, to make an Order under sections 114, 115 and 120 of the 2008 Act.

The statement of reasons for deciding to make an Order granting development consent, which has been prepared by the Secretary of State under section 116 of the 2008 Act and regulation 31(2)

of the Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017, containing the content of the decision, the requirements imposed in connection with the development, the main reasons and considerations on which the decision is based including relevant information about the participation of the public, a description of the main features to avoid, reduce and offset any major adverse effects of the development and information regarding the right to challenge the decision and the procedures for doing so, is published on the Planning Inspectorate’s web-site: south-east/southampton-to-london-pipeline-project/

The statement of reasons contains the information required by regulation 31(2) including information regarding the right to challenge the decision and the procedures for doing so.

Hard copies of the decision documentation will also be available to inspect at the Planning Inspectorate’s offices (by appointment only using the contact details below, subject to any COVID-19 restrictions that may be in place):

The Planning Inspectorate, National Infrastructure Directorate, Temple Quay House, Bristol BS1 6PN

To make an appointment for inspection of the documents contact the Planning Inspectorate on 0303 444 5000 or email [email protected] Copies of the Secretary of State’s decision letter and the text of the Order can be obtained by writing or sending an e-mail to the Planning Inspectorate. No charge will be made for this service.W

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